The implementation of our new software platform NextGen (containing already the software to ASME Section VIII division 1 and 2) with the software according to EN 13445.3, 2014 Edition has almost been completed: the few still missing modules are always contained in the “classic” version of EN 13445.3. We thank all our licensees that have extensively used the Beta version of the new software for their contributions to its improvement and debugging. As already explained in the past newsletters, having a licence of both the ASME programs and EN 13445.3 gives now the possibility, in a vessel which was graphically created and calculated in accordance with ASME, to change the design code from ASME VIII division 1 or division 2 to EN 13445.3 and vice versa.  We are now working to complete the package with wind and seismic calculations, considering the most important building codes, like ASCEIBC, the Eurocodes (EN 1990 to 1998) and the Italian rules NTC 2008. In order to provide a quick support to the licensees of the Classic Edition of EN 13445.3, we have now completed this version with the new Clause 22 of EN 13445.3 (Calculation of Tall Vertical Vessels).